Goal Setting – The Missing Piece

Have you set a goal to finally “lose 20 lbs” or “wear a bikini this summer”?  Have you written down this goal, read it daily, and taken action steps to make this goal a reality?  You are still overlooking one crucial step –  the “MISSING PIECE” to reaching your goals.

I’m sure you’ve heard and read all the familiar tips – write your goals down, set a deadline, enlist a buddy, etc.  How many times have we done this?  And how many times have we failed?
Why do we keep failing and not actually reaching our goals?  Is it because we don’t REALLY want it?  Is it because we don’t have the money, time, or other resources?
Nope. Not a chance. Listen to what I’m going to say next – because this will change the way you set goals for the rest of your life.


Before you even set a goal, you have to know what you’re willing to compromise, as well as what you will never compromise.  What are your non-negotiables?

If you set a goal to see your abs, for instance,  but are unwilling to give up Friday night Mexican and margaritas, you will never obtain that goal.

Be honest with yourself. Maybe you’re willing to give up happy hours but not willing to give up biweekly date night with your spouse.  There’s nothing at all wrong with that, just make sure your goals line up with what you are willing to give up.

Remember,  there is always a trade off.  When you decide what you’re willing and unwilling to compromise,  you are taking complete ownership of your life, your decisions, and reaching your goals can actually become fun and attainable!

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